1. Fully close the glass panel.

2. Measure the gap and height difference between the glass panel and the body.

3. Loosen the glass panel installation screws and move the glass panel to adjust.

Standard clearance
a: 0.2-2.2 mm {0.008-0.086 in}
b: 0.2-2.2 mm {0.008-0.086 in}
c: 0.25-2.25 mm {0.01-0.09 in}
d: 0 mm {0 in}

4. Tighten the screws.

5. Insert any available thin plastic card between the weatherstrip and the body, and verify that they are sealed. (There is resistance when the plastic card is moved.)

• If they are not sealed, perform Steps 3-4 and adjust again.