• The following operations can be performed using the transmitter when away from the vehicle (approx. 2.5 m {8.2 ft}):

– Lock all doors (by pressing the LOCK button.)
– Unlock the driver-side door (by pressing the UNLOCK button.)
– Unlock the trunk lid (by pressing the TRUNK LID button). (When the trunk lid opener cancel switch is at the ON position, the trunk lid does not unlock even when the TRUNK LID button is pressed.)

• With the double-locking function, when the lock button is pressed twice within 3 s, unlocking the door with the door lock knob is inhibited.

• An auto-locking device has been adopted that automatically locks the doors if any of the following operations are not performed within 30 s of pressing the transmitter UNLOCK button:

– Any door is opened.
– The door is lock/unlock using the door key cylinder.
– The key is inserted the steering lock.

• In order to prevent accidental operation when driving, pushing any transmitter button will have no affect when the ignition switch is at the ON position.

• In response to transmitter operation (lock/unlock), the hazard warning light flashes to enable visual verification of operation. (Vehicle without theft-deterrent system)

– When the transmitter LOCK button is pushed, hazard warning light flashes once.
– When the transmitter UNLOCK button is pushed, hazard warning light flashes twice.