• Freestyle doors have been adopted, allowing the rear doors to open outward from the center of the vehicle.

• The front doors can open up to 67% and the rear doors up to 80%, ensuring good access.

• The rear doors have been slanted towards the inner side and rear of the vehicle so they open at a slightly upward angle. This prevents the doors from interfering with each other when opening or closing and reduces the amount of force required for opening.

• A large-sized release handle located inside rear door jamb is used to open the rear door. Due to this, a mechanism that keeps the rear door from opening if the front is not opened first has been adopted, and accidental opening is prevented.

Rear door release handle

• The following structural supports have been adopted in order to prevent cabin deformation in case of a side-impact collision. See (0910) for detailed descriptions.

– Side impact bars in the front doors
– Built-in pillar in the rear doors
– Catch pins along the bottom edges of both the front and rear doors

Side impact bar
Catch pin
Built-in pillar