Vibration Method

• If malfunction occurs or becomes worse while driving on a rough road or when engine is vibrating, perform the steps below.

• There are several reasons why vehicle or engine vibration could cause an electrical malfunction. Some of the things to check for:
– Connectors not fully seated.
– Wire harnesses not having full play.
– Wires laying across brackets or moving parts.
– Wires routed too close to hot parts.
• An improperly routed, improperly clamped, or loose harness can cause wiring to become pinched between parts.
• The connector joints, points of vibration, and places where wire harnesses pass through the firewall, body panels, etc. are the major areas to be checked.
• Check for DTCs or malfunctions by shaking harnesses and connectors that are suspected to be causing malfunction.

Connector Terminal Check Method

1. Check the connection condition of each female terminal.

2. Insert male terminal into the female terminals to check for looseness.