• Malfunction diagnosis of the immobilizer system occurs automatically when the ignition switch is turned from the LOCK (ACC) to the ON (START) position.

• Results of the malfunction diagnosis can be verified from the DTCs. There are two methods of DTC verification: By the flashing pattern of the security light and by using the WDS or equivalent.

• First, verify that the fuses are normal.

• The PID/data monitor function can be used to verify the number of key ID numbers registered for a single vehicle.

• Always use the WDS or equivalent or equivalent to verify DTCs even if the security light displays a DTC. If the security light itself has a malfunction, it is possible that a DTC may not be properly displayed. There are certain DTCs which can only be verified using the WDS or equivalent, not the security light.
• DTCs for the immobilizer system that are stored in the keyless unit and PCM are cleared when the ignition switch is turned from the ON to the LOCK (ACC) position.
• If DTCs are not displayed even though the engine does not start or stalls, perform the following symptom troubleshooting:
• DTCs may not be displayed due to a security light malfunction. Perform the following symptom troubleshooting:
• The following conditions may cause poor signal communication between the key and vehicle, resulting in the engine not starting or a key registration error. Do not perform any work under the following conditions:
– If any of the following items are touching or near the key head.
• Spare keys
• Keys for other vehicles equipped with an immobilizer system
• Any metallic object
• Any electronic device, or any credit or other cards with magnetic strips

• If two or more abnormalities are detected as a result of malfunction diagnosis, only the DTC with the lowest number of those detected will be displayed by the security light. However, multiple DTCs are stored at the same time.
• If two or more immobilizer system DTCs are verified, first repair the part indicated by the security light displayed DTC. After completely repairing one location, turn the ignition switch from the LOCK to the ON position and perform immobilizer system malfunction diagnosis.