1. Set the front wheels in the straight-ahead position. (Steering wheel is within 45° to the left or right of center position.)

2. Jack up both front tires so that there is no weight on them.

3. Lower the jack until the front tires touch the ground. At this time, be careful not to touch the tires or the steering wheel.

4. Connect the WDS or equivalent to the DLC-2.

5. Set to neutral by selecting the TRQ_S_CAL active command mode function.

6. After setting to neutral, start the engine, rotate the steering wheel slowly in both directions within a range of 90°, and verify that the steering force does not differ in either directions.

• If the steering force is different in either direction, inspect the power steering system following a separate troubleshooting procedure. (See NO.3 POWER ASSIST DIFFERS BETWEEN RIGHT AND LEFT TURNS.)