1. Turn the ignition switch to the ACC or ON position.

2. Pull up the lock piece of the interlock cable to release the lock.

3. Remove the clip of the selector lever base plate, then remove the interlock cable from the U-groove.

4. Remove the interlock cable from the selector lever.

5. Fully pull the end of the interlock cable to the selector lever.

6. Remove the lock unit from the bracket.

7. Verify that the markings on the slider pin and the lock unit are aligned.

8. Push the snap pin (or a ø1.5 round bar or simular.) into hole A by fully pushing the slider pin in.

9. Push the snap pin into hole B and hole C of the lock unit until it passes through.

10. Install the lock unit to the bracket.

11. Rotate the slider pin to release the lock, and verify that the it slides freely.

12. Pull the slider pin outward until it contacts the brake pedal stopper rubber and rotate the slider pin to lock.

13. Remove the brake switch. (See BRAKE PEDAL REMOVAL/INSTALLATION.)

14. Install the new brake switch with the brake pedal released. (See BRAKE PEDAL REMOVAL/INSTALLATION.)

15. Install the interlock cable end onto the interlock link on the selector lever.

16. Fit the interlock cable in the U-groove in the selector lever base plate and install the clip.

• Applying a load to the interlock cable while pressing the lock piece in can affect the lock unit operation.

17. Press the interlock cable lock piece in until it is locked.

18. Remove the snap pin from the lock unit hole A, B and C.

19. Inspect shift lock operation. (See SHIFT LOCK INSPECTION.)