• A hot transmission and ATF can cause severe burns. Turn off the engine and wait until they are cool before replacing ATF.

1. Remove the oil dipstick.

2. Loosen the oil pan mounting bolts.

3. Drain the ATF into a container.

4. Remove the oil pan and gasket.

5. Eliminate the sealant dust from the bolt hole.

6. Install the oil pan and a new gasket with new bolts.

Tightening torque
7.0-9.0 N·m {72-91 kgf·cm, 63-78 in·lbf}

7. Add the specified type of ATF through the oil filler tube until ATF level reaches lower notch of dipstick.

ATF type
ATF M-III or equivalent (e.g. DexronII)
Capacity (approx. quantity)
8.7 L {9.2 US qt, 7.7 lmp qt}

8. Verify that the ATF level is in the HOT (65 °C {149 °F}) range.

• Add ATF to the specified level if necessary.