1. Position the vehicle on level ground.

2. Remove the drain plugs (A with packing, and B), then drain the oil.

3. Clean drain plugs A and B.

4. Apply sealant to the threads of drain plug B.

5. Install drain plug A with new packing, and drain plug B.

Tightening torque
A: 39-59 N·m {4.0-6.0 kgf·m, 29-43 ft·lbf}
B: 21-31 N·m {2.2-3.1 kgf·m, 16-22 ft·lbf}

6. Remove the filler plug, then add the specified amount and type of oil to near the brim of the plug port.

Specified oil
API GL-4 or GL-5
All season : SAE 75W-90
Above 10°C {50 °F}: SAE 80W-90
Capacity (approx. quantity)
2.5 L {2.6 US qt, 2.2 lmp qt}

7. Install a new filler plug.

Tightening torque
25-39 N·m {2.5-3.9 kgf·m, 18-28 ft·lbf}