• Unless the initialization procedure of the steering angle sensor is completed, the DSC will not operate, causing an unexpected accident. Therefore, always perform the initialization procedure to ensure DSC operation if the power supply to the steering angle sensor has been cut off due to disconnection of the steering angle sensor connector or negative battery cable, or any other cause.
• The steering angle sensor requires battery power to store the steering angle initial position. Therefore when the battery power supply is cut off, a stored steering angle initial position is cleared.

1. Inspect the wheel alignment, inflation pressure, and the installation condition of the steering wheel.

• If there is any malfunction, adjust the applicable part.

2. Connect the negative battery cable.

3. Turn the ignition switch to the ON position.

4. Confirm that the DSC indicator light illuminates and that the DSC OFF light flashes.

5. Turn the steering wheel to full right lock, then turn it to full left lock.

6. Confirm that the DSC OFF light goes out.

7. Turn the ignition switch off.

8. Turn the ignition switch to the ON position again, and confirm that the DSC indicator light goes out.

• If the DSC indicator light does not go out, disconnect the negative battery cable, and perform the procedure again starting from Step 2 shown above.

9. Drive the vehicle for approx. 10 min, and confirm that the ABS warning and DSC indicator lights do not illuminate.