• The DSC system consists of the following parts. While each part has a regular function in other systems, only the function during DSC control is listed.

Part name


• Makes calculations using input signals from each sensor, controls brake fluid pressure to each wheel, and actuates each function (ABS, EBD, TCS and DSC) of the DSC system.
• Outputs the vehicle speed signal to the car-navigation unit.
• Outputs the torque reduction request signal, vehicle speed signal and DSC system warning control data via CAN lines.
• Controls the on-board diagnostic system and fail-safe function when there is a malfunction in the DSC system.
• Controls engine output based on signals from the DSC HU/CM.
• Transmits engine speed, tire and shift position data via CAN communication to the DSC HU/CM.
• Transmits gear/selector lever target position data via CAN communication to the DSC HU/CM.
DSC indicator light
• Informs the driver that the DSC is operating (vehicle sideslip occurring).
• Informs the driver that the TCS is operating (drive wheel is spinning).
DSC OFF switch
• Transmits driver intention to release DSC control to the DSC HU/CM.
DSC OFF light
• Informs driver that DSC control has been released due to DSC OFF switch operation.
Wheel speed sensor
• Detects the rotation condition of each wheel and transmits it to the DSC HU/CM.
Combined sensor
• Detects the lateral-G (vehicle lateral acceleration) and the yaw rate (vehicle turning angular speed) of the vehicle and transmits them to the DSC HU/CM.
Brake fluid pressure sensor
• Detects the fluid pressure from the master cylinder and transmits it to the DSC HU/CM.
Steering angle sensor
• Transmits the steering angle and steering angle sensor condition via CAN lines to the DSC HU/CM.