1. For R.H.D., remove the air pump bracket installation bolts and nut, and set the air pump and bracket towards the front of vehicle out of the way. (See SECONDARY AIR INJECTION (AIR) PUMP REMOVAL/INSTALLATION.)

2. Remove in the order indicated in the table.

3. Install in the reverse order of removal.

Brake fluid level sensor connector
Hose (MT)
Brake pipe
Master cylinder
Reserve tank
Front seal

Master Cylinder Installation Note

• If the master cylinder is installed at an angle, the master cylinder piston may push against the push rod retainer of the power brake unit causing poor air bleeding, brake drag, or other malfunctions. Be sure to install the master cylinder at a perpendicular angle to the power brake unit.

1. Install the SST to the power brake unit and tighten to the specified torque.

Tightening torque
11.8-14.6 N·m {121-148 kgf·cm, 105-129 in·lbf}

2. Apply a vacuum of 66.7 kPa {500 mmHg, 19.7 inHg} to the power brake unit using a vacuum gauge.

• Use any commercially available vacuum gauge.

3. Using calipers, measure dimension L as shown in the figure.

Standard L dimension
22.9-23.2 mm {0.902-0.913 in}

4. If dimension L is not within the standard, remove the SST (49 G043 001) and, while stopping the push rod rotation with the SST (49 E043 003A), adjust the push rod length with the SST (49 B043 004).

5. Switch the SSTs and remeasure dimension L.

6. Install the front seal to the power brake unit.

7. Install the master cylinder to the power brake unit.

• After installing the master cylinder, if air still exists in the brake lines even after performing brake bleeding, brake drag occurs, or other malfunctions are present, it is possible that the master cylinder piston is jammed against the push rod retainer of the power brake unit. If air cannot be bled completely, brake drag exists, or other malfunctions occur, remove the master cylinder and reinstall it properly.
• Do not install the master cylinder with the front seal lip protruding. Doing so will create a vacuum leak and loss of braking force.