Wheel and Tire Installation

1. When installing the wheels and tires, tighten the wheel nuts in a criss-cross pattern to the following tightening torque.

Tightening torque
88-118 N·m {9.0-12.0 kgf·m, 65.0-87.0 ft·lbf}

Brake Lines Disconnection

1. If any brake line has been disconnected anytime during the procedures, add brake fluid, bleed the brakes, and inspect for leakage after the procedure has been completed.

• Brake fluid will damage painted surfaces. Be careful not to spill any on painted surfaces. If it is spilled, wipe it off immediately.

Brake Pipe Flare Nut Tightening

1. Tighten the brake pipe flare nut using the SST (49 0259 770B) or any commercially available flare nut wrench.

Connector Disconnection

1. Disconnect the negative battery cable before doing any work that requires handling of connectors.

DSC Related Parts

1. Make sure that there are no DTCs in the DSC memory after working on DSC related parts. If there are any codes in the memory, clear them.

DSC Related Part Sensor Initialization Procedure

• If the initialization procedure is not completed, the DSC will not operate properly and it might cause an unexpected accident. Therefore, when replacing or removing the following parts, make sure to perform the initialization procedure to insure proper DSC operation.

1. When replacing or removing the following parts, perform the initialization procedure. (See COMBINED SENSOR INITIALIZATION PROCEDURE.) (See STEERING ANGLE SENSOR INITIALIZATION PROCEDURE.)

– Combined sensor
– Steering angle sensor