• Performing the following procedures without first removing the ABS wheel-speed sensor may possibly cause an open circuit in the wiring harness if it is pulled by mistake. Before performing the following procedures, remove the ABS wheel-speed sensor (axle side) and fix it to an appropriate place where the sensor will not be pulled by mistake while servicing the vehicle.

1. Drain the rear differential oil.

2. Remove in the order indicated in the table.

3. Install in the reverse order of removal.

4. Add rear differential oil. (See DIFFERENTIAL OIL REPLACEMENT.)

5. After installation, inspect the rear wheel alignment. (See REAR WHEEL ALIGNMENT.)

ABS wheel-speed sensor
Parking brake cable
Brake caliper component
Rear lateral link (upper) ball joint
Stabilizer control link (lower)
Rear lateral link (lower) ball joint
Shock absorber bolt (lower)
Rear trailing link (upper) ball joint
Toe control link (outer)
Rear drive shaft

Locknut Removal Note

1. Lock the disc plate by applying the brakes.

2. Knock the crimped portion of the locknut outward using a chisel and a hammer.

3. Remove the locknut.

Brake Caliper Component Removal Note

1. Suspend the brake caliper component using a cable.

2. Temporarily tighten the wheel nut to prevent the disc plate from falling off.

Rear Drive Shaft Removal Note

1. Temporarily install a spare nut to the end of the rear drive shaft.

2. Knock the nut with copper hammer lightly and remove the rear drive shaft from the wheel hub.

3. Separate the rear drive shaft from the wheel hub.

4. Insert a tire lever or equivalent between the rear differential and differential side outer ring, and then remove the rear drive shaft.

• The sharp edges of the drive shaft can slice or puncture the oil seal. Be careful not to damage the oil seal when removing the drive shaft from the differential.

5. Pull the rear drive shaft to the outer side of the vehicle and disconnect it from the rear differential.

6. To hold the rear knuckle component, install the rear lateral link (upper) to the rear knuckle temporarily after disconnecting the rear drive shaft.

Clip Installation Note

1. Point the opening of the new drive shaft clip upward, install it to the clip groove at the end of the rear drive shaft with the installation width within the specification.

32 mm {1.3 in}

2. After installing the clip, measure the outer diameter. If it exceeds the specification, reinstall the new clip.

Rear Drive Shaft Installation Note

1. Apply differential oil to the differential oil seal lip.

• The sharp edges of the rear drive shaft can slice or puncture the oil seal. Be careful not to damage the oil seal when installing the rear drive shaft from the rear differential.

2. Insert the rear drive shaft into the rear differential with the clip opening facing upward.

3. After installation, verify that the rear drive shaft is securely held by the clip by pulling the outer ring on the differential side towards the axle.

Locknut Installation Note

1. Tighten a new locknut.

2. Crimp the locknut, using a chisel and hammer.