• Adjust the outer wheel balance first, then the inner wheel balance.
• Be careful not to scratch the wheels.

Adhesive-type Balance Weight (Outer)

1. Remove the old balance weight from the wheel.

2. Remove the double-sided adhesive tape remaining on the wheel, then clean and degrease the bonding area.

3. Set the wheel on a wheel balancer, measure the amount of unbalance and the position with the mode set for knock-type balance weight.

4. Multiply the amount of unbalance by 1.6 to obtain the balance weight value.

5. Select a balance weight closest to the weight value and attach the balance weight on the position (outer) indicated by the wheel balancer.

Example calculation of balance weight value
Indicated amount of unbalance: 23 g {0.81 oz}
23 g {0.81 oz}×1.6 = 36.8 g {1.30 oz}
Selected balance weight value: 35 g {1.24 oz}
• When selecting a balance weight, select one closest to the calculated value.
Example: 32.4 g {1.14 oz} = 30 g {1.06 oz}
• Use a genuine balance weight or equivalent (steel).
• When attaching the weight, press the weight with a force of 25 N {2.5 kgf, 5.5 lbf} per 5 g for 2 s or more.

6. If attaching tow balance weights, position them so that each is on either side of the position indicated by the wheel balancer.

• Do not attach weight balances in a row.
• Do not overlap the balance weights.
• Total weight must not exceed 160g {5.65 oz}.

Knock-type Balance Weight (Inner)

1. Measure the amount of unbalance with a wheel balancer.

2. Attach a weight corresponding to the measured weight value on the position (inner) indicated by the wheel balancer.

• Do not attach three or more balance weights.
• One balance weight must not exceed 60g {2.12 oz}, and a total of tow balance weights must not exceed 100g {3.53 oz}.

Remaining Amount of Unbalance Confirmation

1. After installing the outer and inner balance weights, operate the wheel balancer again.

2. Confirm that the remaining unbalance does not exceed the following on either side.

• If the remaining unbalance exceeds the specifications, adjust the wheel balance again.







16 inch wheel
13 g {0.46 oz}
8 g {0.28 oz}
18 inch wheel
10 g {0.35 oz}
6 g {0.21 oz}