Improved rigidity and handling stability
• In-wheel-type double-wishbone front suspension adopted
• Front crossmember with integrated side members adopted
• Front suspension tower bar adopted
• Front upper arm of liquid-forged aluminum and front lower arm of forged aluminum adopted
• Damper lever ratio of rear shock absorbers set at approx. 1.0
Improved handling performance and riding comfort
• Rear crossmember with a six-point rubber-mounting system adopted
• Zero-stopper-clearance bushings adopted
• Roll axis position optimized
• Gas-filled monotube shock absorbers with large-diameter pistons adopted for the front and rear
• Layout of links and shock absorbers optimized
Enlarged trunk compartment
• Emergency puncture repair kit adopted (No spare tire)
• Rear coil springs placed below floor level
Improved marketability
• Adhesive-type balance weights adopted
Environmental consideration
• Steel balance weights adopted to reduce the use of lead