Function List

• The control descriptions are as shown below.



Main relay control
Turns on the main relay according to requests from the controls, even when the ignition switch is off.
Drive-by-wire control
Controls the drive-by-wire actuator to obtain the optimum throttle valve opening angle according to the engine operation conditions.
Drive-by-wire relay control
Controls the drive-by-wire relay according to the ignition switch signal.
Sequential dynamic air intake system (S-DAIS) control
Controls the VFAD solenoid valve (13B-MSP (High Power)), SSV solenoid valve, VDI solenoid valve, and APV motor (13B-MSP (High Power)) according to the engine speed condition.
Fuel injection control
Calculates the optimum fuel injection amount according to the engine conditions, and controls injection time and injection timing of the injector.
Fuel pump control
Controls the fuel pump relay according to the eccentric shaft position sensor signal.
Fuel pump speed control
Controls fuel pump speed control relay according to the fuel amount required by the engine.
Ignition timing control
Controls timing of the energization applied to the ignition coils according to the engine conditions.
Secondary air injection control
Controls the secondary air injection solenoid valve and secondary air injection pump relay at startup with the cold engine.
Metering oil pump control
Controls the stepping motor in the metering oil pump according to the engine conditions.
Evaporative purge control
Controls the purge solenoid valve according to the driving condition.
HO2S heater control
Controls the HO2S heater when cold.
A/C cut-off control
Controls the A/C relay according to the driving condition.
Electrical fan control
Controls the cooling fan relays No.1 and No.2/No.3 according to the engine conditions.
Generator control
Controls the energization applied to the generator field coil according to the engine operation and electrical load conditions.
Controller area network
Communicates with the EPS control module, TCM (AT), keyless unit, instrument cluster, DSC HU/CM, Steering angle sensor and DLC-2 via the CAN.