• Controls the amount of plunger stroke which determines the amount of oil delivery through the stepping motor according to the engine operation conditions.

• The plunger opens and closes by the stepping motor in the metering oil pump.

• The PCM determines the target step number of the stepping motor from input signals for engine speed, charging efficiency and ECT, and sends an operation signal to the stepping motor. For the construction and operation of the metering oil pump, refer to metering oil pump construction/operation. (See METERING OIL PUMP CONSTRUCTION/OPERATION.)

• The metering oil pump control includes the energization off function, the initial-set function, the normal drive function, the ignition switch off function, the monitor function, and the fail-safe function.

Function List



Energization off function
Stops control at engine off, lowering the battery current consumption.
Initial-set function
Detects the 0-step position and sets to the reference position for regular drive.
Regular drive function
Control to calculated target step based on engine operation conditions.
Ignition switch off function
Shortens operation time of initial-set function.
Monitor function
Verifies that the target step and the actual step correspond.
Fail-safe function
Controls engine output to protect the engine if a malfunction in the metering oil pump system occurs.