Improved power performance
• A side intake and exhaust port system adopted
• 2-piece apex seals adopted
• Keystone shaped side seals adopted
• Cut-off seal adopted
•  A lightweight flywheel adopted
Improved driving performance
• Advanced front mid-ship layout adopted
• Drive-by-wire system, which opens and closes throttle valve by throttle actuator, adopted
Improved engine torque and output
• Sequential dynamic air intake system (S-DAIS) adopted
Improved startability
• A reduction type starter adopted
Reduced weight
• Thin walls on the side housings adopted
• Lightweight rotors adopted
• Aluminum rotor housings adopted
• Aluminum engine mount brackets adopted
• A compact oil filter adopted
• A thin oil pan made of steel adopted
• An oil strainer made of plastic adopted
• A down flow type radiator with aluminum core and plastic tank adopted
• A regulatorless generator with built-in power transistor adopted
• A built-in type water pump adopted
Improved fuel economy
• Bathtub shaped combustion chambers adopted
• By-pass valve in the eccentric shaft adopted
• Anti-wet port adopted
Improved idle fuel economy
• Jet air mixing system adopted
Reduced engine noise and vibration
• Oil-filled engine mount rubber adopted
• A cooling fan with electric motor adopted
Improved reliability
• A degassing type coolant reserve tank adopted
• An independent ignition control system with distributorless ignition coil adopted
• A battery duct adopted
Improved durability
• A spark plug with an iridium tip adopted
Improved lubricity
• A two-rotor type trochoid oil pump adopted
• An electric type metering oil pump adopted
Improved serviceability
• Nylon tubes adopted for fuel hoses in the engine compartment and around the fuel tank, and quick release connectors adopted for joints
Wiring harness simplification
• Controller area network (CAN) adopted
Reduction of evaporative gas
• Returnless fuel system adopted
• Evaporative purge control adopted
Improved exhaust purification
• Secondary air injection (AIR) system with electric secondary air injection (AIR) pump adopted
• TWC system adopted