Rough Cutting of New Parts

• For cut-and-join areas, allow for an overlap of 30-50 mm {1.18-1.97 in} with the remaining area on the body side and then rough-cut the new parts.

Determination of Welding Method

• If the total thickness at the area to be welded is 3 mm {0.12 in} or more, use a CO2 gas shielded-arc welder to make the plug welds.

Making Holes for CO2 Arc Welding

• For places that cannot be spot welded, make a hole for CO2 arc welding using a punch or drill as follows.

(mm {in})

Panel thickness (ø)

Hole diameter (ø)

0.60-0.90 {0.02-0.03}
5 {0.19}
0.91-1.20 {0.04-0.05}
6 {0.23}
1.21-1.80 {0.051-0.07}
8 {0.31}
1.81-4.50 {0.071-0.17}
10 {0.39}

• Grind the shaded section indicated in the diagram below and create a hole in the part where the 3-4 plates are put together. Also, weld the plates together tightly so that gaps do not develop.

Application of Weld-through Primer

• For treatment against corrosion, remove the paint grease, and other material from the portion of new part and body to be welded, and apply weld-through primer.